All my life, I have been a writer. Words help me process thoughts, come to conclusions, and find my center. I feel lucky and privileged to live in the time of Blogs – where communication is easy and easily accessible. This is my outlet, but I hope some of the ideas and concepts ring true for you also and stir your thoughts.

As a brief background, I grew up in the suburbs of Boston, attended Mount Holyoke College where I studied Sociology and English, and then went on to Suffolk University Law School. After 20 years as a commercial real estate, construction and equine attorney, I retired from the law to pursue other interests.

In 2010, I founded New England Pet Hospice, one of the nation’s few truly interdisciplinary end of life care providers for animals. I loved that work and was so lucky to have met and worked with people all over the country in its development. Our team of caregivers were the absolute All Stars of the veterinary profession. We cared for hundreds of animals and their families. Our financial model, however, was not sound enough and after pouring my (literal) life savings into the company for 6 years, I was forced to make the heart-breaking decision to close the doors in July 2016.

I then accepted a position as Hospice Volunteer Services Coordinator at a small, but strong Hospice program in Lowell. I thought I would never love anything as much as my work with NEPH, but I was wrong (for the millionth time in my life!). I really love working at this hospice, our team, the leadership, our patients and all the wonderful volunteers who give so much in service of complete strangers. I am learning so much every day and am constantly challenged and rewarded.

I love to learn new things and in the last decade have become Certified